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Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Incas Slot: A Popular Slot Variation

One of the slot variations created by International Game Technology, Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Incas Slot has similar features with slot variations that have Multi-Level Jackpots and Progressive Jackpots. This slot variation has a pattern that is followed after the famous movie that features the character of the famous Indiana Jones. Because of the attractive features of the game, many slots players show interest in this variation. To know more about this game, let us have a look at the other special attractions of Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Incas Slot. Indiana Jones Treasure of the Incas Video Slots

Description of Indiana Jones Treasure of the Incas Slot Machines

These slot machines have 25 pay lines and five reels. The machines accept five cents for the minimum bet. To place the maximum bet in this game, which is 100 coins, players need to have $5. The progressive jackpot increases fast in this game, so by placing the maximum bet, players have the chance to become instant millionaires.

Special Characteristics of the Slot Variation

To have enticing graphics, the slot variation uses the Advanced Video Platform. It also presents video clips from the movie to attract more gamblers. Aside from these video clips, players also have the chance to strengthen their payouts by winning in some bonus games.

Getting Free Spins at the Game

When players get a certain number of Stacked Wilds icons, they can get ten free spins. The spins allow players to have more payouts since they offer multiplier icons from one to 99. In this way, players can take home bigger payouts if they get one of the multiplier icons.

The Mega Group Play Option in the Slot Variation

With the Mega Group Play Option, the slot variation provides more opportunities to gamblers to win bigger prizes. When slot players qualify for the bonus game, other gamblers have the chance to join the bonus game. Since other players are allowed to enter the game, players have the chance to get more payouts in the bonus round.

Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Incas Slot is only one of the slot variations that feature progressive jackpots. Slot players who want to have fun and enjoyable gaming experience should try this variation because it is really attractive. However, players who want to win big money by playing this slot variation, it is important that they have ample understanding on its basic game play. Above all, it is necessary that they know some money management techniques so that they can manage their bankroll well.